Ohio Valley Creative Energy

Ohio Valley Creative Energy (OVCE) is a grassroots nonprofit whose mission is to engage the community with fire art through the use of landfill methane. The fire arts include ceramics, metals, and glass. The landfill being targeted for this project is located in Clark County, Indiana and produces enough electricity from methane to power 2,000 homes. OVCE began when a local glass blower contacted the Environmental Protection Agency to inquire about a facility already using landfill methane for glass blowing in North Carolina. What resulted was a partnership between OVCE and a local energy provider, Hoosier Energy, to leverage funding to expand its electric generation capacity at the landfill. In return, OVCE was granted free methane for fire art studios and education in perpetuity.

Typically fire arts require tremendous amounts of natural and capital resources to operate. This makes the fire arts difficult for most people to explore and experience fully. For instance, a glass blower could pay up to $75 and hour to rent studio space. However, OVCE will provide low cost studio rental and often free access to fire arts. This will open fire art mediums up to everyone in the region, expand local knowledge of energy issues, spur growth of the creative class, expand gallery openings, and stimulate economic development. Its truly a win for everyone involved.

OVCE will also offer educational programming that effectively combines the arts and environmental issues unlike any other facility. OVCE has developed a series of after school programs for students in Southern Indiana that combine topics such as energy, climate literacy, fire arts, agriculture, and natural resource management. All concepts covered in these programs meet the core content required for Indiana students.

OVCE’s mission is to educate the public about sustainability through creativity, agriculture, and permacultural practices while empowering individuals to help nurture the growth of an Eco-friendly community.

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